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Jonathan Hayman And The Bubble Boy

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Jonathan Hayman is often a gifted writer and actor but also in make an effort to be hip and edgy somrtimes goes over the maybe I can say he goes below the bottom of what exactly is the "Bubble Boy" episode he makes fun of the tragic medical problem an immunodeficiency state in which the only way that a person can exist is totally stop from human tactile confinment on the bubble signifies that the individual so cconfined can't have a walk on the sunny day neighborhood or go swimming.Basically it the identical existence in reverse that a leper could have endured total isolation.
Certainly ithe part of the bubble had aids or acquired Immune Deficiency this episode would've never made iit around the air because making fun of someone with ACQUIRED immune deficiencies will be politically how can it be humorous to generate fun of an condittion that is congenital?Edgy humor like this could be funny but somehow when it hurts the countless individuals with immune deficiencies which might be congenital it is it funny to see someone with one leg have his crutch kicked from under him and fall in a very mud puddle
Jonathan Hayman has done some edgy humor with Anne Frank that's critisized by many.
His creativity and humor are undeniable but Jonathan Hayman needs to learn how to keep some of his humor to himself and weigh hurting some's feeling against an easy see the episode and see what others say examine these references.

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